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  • Already Have Your Permit and are Ready to Schedule Your Behind the Wheel Training?

    After clicking on Book a Course and checking out via Paypal, you will receive an email from SoCal inviting you to log onto Drive Scout. This is where you will schedule your lessons online(Note:this is also where you can cancel, reschedule, and choose your pick up and drop off locations). 

    We send Report Cards to both the student and parents after each lesson via email. (Note: Both the Student and Parent will receive a text message reminder for each lesson 72 hours in advance).

    We can also notify you automatically if an opening comes up due to a cancellation.

    Need to Complete Your Online Drivers Education First?

    We offer a $40 discount code for after choosing your course and signing up with SoCal Driving Academy. Teens Get:

    DMV Certificate of Completion for Drivers Ed.

    View 100% of the Course before deciding to pay.

    Go at your own pace - No timers or classrooms.

    11 lessons and unlimited tests until you pass.

    (Note:By going through us you only pay $25 instead of $65).

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