Why SoCal Driving Academy

Because We Can Get You Driving Tomorrow-Not in Three Weeks. We Only Have One Student in the Car Each Lesson (If a schools tries to puts you in a car with other students - demand your money back. This is highly unethical and extremely dangerous). DMV Approved, Bonded, Insured. New 2017 Mazda Sport.

Our Courses

  • $300

    6 Hours (Min DMV Requirement if under 17 1/2)

    Three 2-Hour Lessons / Free Pick Up / Teens and Adults / All Behind the Wheel Training Consists of Two People in the Car / Report Card Emailed After Each Lesson

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  • $395

    8 Hours

    Four 2-Hour Lessons / Free Pick Up and Drop Off / Teens and Adults / Behind the Wheel Training Consists of Two People in the Car / Report Card Emailed After Each Lesson

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  • $159

    Test Day Package

    Use Our Car, Insurance, and Registration / Pick You Up 1 Hour Before Appointment / Help You Get Ready For Your Test / Teens and Adults /

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  • $150

    2 Hours

    One 2-Hour Lesson / Get Your Permit Signed So You Can Legally Drive with Your Parents / This Is Also Good If You Need Extra Time Behind The Wheel.

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You Can Find Cheaper, But You Cannot Find Better. Use Groupon For Pizza Not Something This Important.

Faqs & News

A: If you are under 17 1/2 years old State law requires you to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training with a DMV approved driving school. In addition, you must log 50 hours with a licensed driver over 25 years old. 10 of the 50 hours must also be at night.

A. Our ``Drive Scout`` software allows parents or students to book, reschedule, or cancel lessons online. In addition, we send email or text notifications to confirm lessons and also provide written feedback via a Student Report Card emailed after each lesson. You can call us to schedule as well.

A: Because they use low wage, low quality instructors. We get many ``do over`` students from cheap schools who end up paying more than if they had used us in the first place. Groupon a pizza - not something where your safety is involved.

A: Each lesson is two hours long and involves only one student (there should never be more than one student in the car) and the instructor. The instructor will go over dash instruments, questions the DMV will ask and subjects ranging from parking to driving on the freeway. At the end of the 6 hours a student will not only have a good understanding of how to correctly drive a car but also what to expect at the DMV the day of the test.

A: Yes, extra lessons are available to help with any areas that are not proficient. Call for pricing and availability.

A: When your lesson is booked, a driver is scheduled and a car is reserved for that specific day and hour. Both have to be paid for even if you don't show up. In addition, any outstanding fees owed to SoCal will have to be paid before a completion certificate can be issued.

A: Yes! We specialize in teaching people with special attention needs. However, we do ask that you tell us in advance. That way we can make sure the student gets the most out of the lesson tailored to their learning style.

A: Yes- Many seniors need to refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road or prepare for retesting after even minor collisions.

A: Yes, do you ever wonder why you are getting honked at since moving to California? Not sure who has the right of way in a parking lot? Can you cross solid lines, yellow lines, double lines? Can you go on a red light? Many states and counties have different driving norms. Let us teach you how to fit in locally.

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